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A map of the Valley of Mexico its lakes and cities before the Spanish
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Valley of Mexico before the conquest of the Aztec Empire in the early 16th Century
Pic 1: Map of the Valley of Mexico, circa 1492
Old map of Tenochtitlán showing Lake Texcoco surrounding the city. (Photo by Travis S
Mexico City, Mexico
The western side of the shallow Lake Texcoco. Tenochtitlan is the southern part of the main island (under the red line). The northern part is Tlatelolco.
This sixteenth-century map of Tenochtitlan shows the aesthetic beauty and advanced infrastructure of this
Tenochtitlan (The Impossible City)
Pic 3: This is a map of Tenochtitlan according to Hernan Cortés, the leader
Mexico City Was Built on an Ancient Lake Bed. That Makes Earthquakes Much Worse. - The New York Times
Clockwise from top: skyline of Paseo de la Reforma, Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral,
This unusual 1704 map, drawn by Giovanni Francesco Gemelli Careri, is the first published
Spanish Colonial Louisiana
Pic 2: Close-up section of a 'chinampa', Xochimilco, nr. Mexico City (Click on image to enlarge)
Pic 10: Map of Tenochtitlan ca. 1550 (detail), attributed to Alonso
Guanajuato Mexico
Tenochititlan The Capitol City of Aztecs - Pyramids
Zócalo: The Birthplace of the Constitution
Population of Mexico City[edit]
Cover of The Death of Aztec Tenochtitlan, the Life of Mexico City
Drinking water and sinking lands[edit]
Outstanding Universal Value
Pic 5: Model of chinampa agriculture, National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City
Pic 17: Smog hovering over Mexico City today
A NASA satellite image of smog in the Valley of Mexico in November 1985
Pic 1: The Aztecs in their ancestral home, Aztlan. If you look closely
Mexico City's water crisis – from source to sewer | Cities | The Guardian
Detail, Chicomoztoc — the place of the seven caves.
The Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral, which was under construction during most of the colonial period
French Colonial Louisiana
Artist's impression of the Texcoco urban development plan that would see lakes returned to Mexico City
A single-canvas painting showing the casta system in eighteenth-century Mexico. Spaniards were at the top of the system with mixed-race men and women ...
Old Spanish Trail Map
The Aztecs of Mexico A Zero Waste Society
Nobility in Mexico City – "City of Palaces"[edit]
Government offices in the Zócalo
The billionaire and the airport: could his last act in Mexico City ruin Carlos Slim? | Cities | The Guardian
lakes of mexico
Pic 2: Colonial map of Colhuacan from around 1580. This is modern day Ixtapalapa in Mexico City (Click on image to enlarge)
Viceroyalty of New Spain 1819
A colored map of the historic Mexico from the document takes us full circle, to the hydrological history, a city literally built on a lake, economies as ...
Pyramids in Latin America
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Federal District, Mexico. Locator map: boundaries, cities.
The city of Angamuco, which occupies a lava field on the eastern edge of the
Pic 1: Cortés' expedition to Mexico: 1. Cuba 2. Cozumel 3
Façade of the Borda House, residence of French mining magnate José de la Borda
Some great interactive graphics from the NYT show the canal in the context of the ancient lake bed that sprawls through the region (see how this relates to ...
Map showing approximate areas of Mexico where the Aztecs and the Maya lived
One of Angamuco's 'neighbourhoods', revealed using light detection and ranging scanning.
image map
Mexico City; Teotihuacán
Mexico City
A colored map of the historic Mexico from the document takes us full circle, to the hydrological history, a city literally built on a lake, economies as ...
The Spanish relied on indigenous allies to defeat the Aztecs. The Tlaxcala were among the
Spain's long-term strategic plan was to seize the strongholds of Mobile and Pensacola,
Pic 16: The Spanish-built fountain (known today as the 'Salto de Agua') at the end of of a native aqueduct, bordering the historic city centre, ...
fort worth, texas
Mexico City: National Palace
Oaxaca Mexico
1733 America septentrionalis.
The conquest of MexicoOn the trail of Hernán Cortés
The Metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico City.
Anonymous [Spanish]. [Map of North America from the Mississippi River to the Pacific, between the 35th and 60th Parallels of Latitude], ca. 1797–1800.
Mexico. Political map: boundaries, cities. Includes locator.
Map of California as an Island by Joan Vinckeboons (circa 1650)
The Hardest Line
The Rio Grande basin and its drainage network.
Map of Tenochtitlan's location on Lake Texcoco
Rocky Mountains
Mexico City Map - Tourist Attractions
Massive pipes of the Cutzamala System, supplying water to Mexico City. (Photo by
How the Discovery Of Paititi, The Lost City Of Gold, May Change Peru Forever
Louisiana Purchase concluded
Mexico. Physical features map. Includes locator.
A screen shot from “H2Omx” shows a man leading his donkey to fetch water on the outskirts of Mexico City. (Photo courtesy of Icarus Films.)
Mexico Timeline
Green Spain: The Picos de Europa give northern Spain an unexpectedly rustic feel
Copy and Translation From the Original Spanish Plan dated 1798, showing the City of New Orleans
... a larger island surrounded by smaller areas islands amidst Lake Texcoco – shown as the City of Mexico below. This aided in defense and provided ...
Mexico City
Boundaries of the Louisiana Purchase as recognized today.