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Apple39s Tim Cook warns regulation is coming for the tech industry
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SFR lists nearly half of disputes among operators in 2017 according to UFC-Que Choisir
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Recall and replace HP batteries
THX wants to facilitate the creation and diffusion of spatialized audio
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Definitive Edition, the remastered 4K version will be released on February 20, 2018
On Twitter, Donald Trump believes to have "the biggest nuclear button" – Politics
Android Oreo is available, Face Unlock is coming soon
Facebook relies on Social Builder to train 15,000 French women in digital jobs – Tech
#CopyrightMadness: Pasquier's Pasquier Bun, Post-it, Taylor Swift … – Pop culture | Smart Phone Choise
Overwatch: Blizzard World Card with Amusement Park Coming – Pop Culture
The subsidiary of Alphabet (Google) publishes its balance sheet for the year 2017. Its autonomous cars would thus have traveled more than 3.2 million ...
Bitcoin is doomed to disappear according to the Nobel Prize for Economics
The Huawei P20 Plus (P11) spotted on Amazon with the notch of an iPhone X!
The price of smartphones could fall in 2018!
Babyliss for Men The Designer SH500E: Complete Test - Razor - Mower
40,000 bank card numbers stolen from his official website!
Dropbox prepares its IPO – Business
how to know if my model is compatible 4G in France
the Prime Minister unveils his new strategy to fiber the territory
For the telecoms authority, the responsibilities that the future Military Programming Act gives to operators deserve a lot of precision.
Hate speech: social networks risk a 50 million euro fine in Germany – Politics
Why is it better to never try a Tesla? – Tech
Amazon Alexa will serve as universal translator in real time as in Star Trek
Face recognition will be honored at the Tokyo Olympics – Tech
the new 5.0.0 firmware interface leaking into a video
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Apple requires transparency for players
Microsoft has "released the checkbook" to recover exclusives in 2018
Nubia Z17 Mini Black at 169 euros at GearBest
AirPlay, iTunes or Apple Music are required, Android is excluded!
The smart camera Google Clips finally available for sale (in the United States)
Speedrunners, those enthusiasts who finish video games faster than their shadow – Pop culture
open a remote account with facial recognition by selfie
what impact on performance? Microsoft responds
Dynaudio evolves its active speakers
Should we really consider adolescence until 24 years old?
#UnFriendFacebook: Jim Carrey removes his page on the social network – Pop culture
the new design annoys the community
the price of the repair almost as expensive as the purchase of a new enclosure
Panasonic extends its range of landline phones with a senior model
UFC-Que Choisir assigns Amazon and Fnac for lack of information on connected objects
two dual photo sensors and a breathtaking design
its new design is incomprehensible, the app receives 83% of negative opinions!
the theme of the Cantina on a barrel organ
Zoom refreshes its portable H1 recorder
Blacknut, the "French cloud gaming", ...
Nintendo is still revolutionizing the video game, and we say thank you!
15 million copies sold in 2017, Nintendo multiplies its profits by 4
Top 10 tests – Samsung 860 Pro 1TB, Zotac Zbox Pico PI225
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Ajit Pai, President of the FCC, draws a line on CES 2018
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"Rick and Morty" and the handspinners are very popular on PornHub – Pop culture
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Release date, news, price and leaks of iPhone SE 2. Tech
Deutsch-Les-Landes: The French series of Amazon, by the writers of Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis – Pop culture
Image Result For Moranbah Weather Home
Wookiee Weekend kicks off April 20 for Solo: A Star Wars Story
compatible with wireless charging thanks to a glass back
CES 2018 – Lenovo presents its standalone virtual reality headset
the end of the decline in sales?
what is it and which smartphones are compatible?
Android 8.0 Oreo: here are compatible smartphones
In the midst of a crisis of confidence, Coinbase immediately introduces and suspends Bitcoin Cash – Business
According to Elon Musk, the Falcon Heavy rocket will be ready for takeoff on February 6
OPPO finally arrives in Europe with its smartphones at the unbeatable price!
After two years of delay, the manufacturer finally launched in partnership with the American Yale. Simply called Nest x Yale Lock, the lock can communicate ...
Global touch pad sales dropped further in 2017 – Business | Smart Phone Choise
Free Mobile includes Turkey with 25GB of data for the package at 19.99 euros
the creator of Linux violently denounces Intel and its "rotten" patches
The 5 trends to remember from MWC 2018
up to 4 TB guaranteed 5 years
CES 2018 – Razer makes its show in color: Linda, HyperFlux and Chroma
Google Arts & Culture beats all records on the Play Store, ...
Logan Paul wins 100,000 subscribers with his video showing a human body