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Not racial but financial Politically Speaking t America
The Cato 2017 Free Speech and Tolerance Survey, a new national poll of 2,300 U.S. adults, finds that 71% Americans believe that political correctness has ...
Phil Toledano
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Americans Oppose Hate Speech Bans, But Say Hate Speech is Morally Unacceptable
Matt Dorfman
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Trevor Noah stands in front of a map of Africa while speaking at a Gates Foundation
This Is What the Future of American Politics Looks Like
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From Our July/August 2016 Issue
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The Worst Job in American Politics
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The line outside a Trump rally in Nashville in the spring. Trump's 2016 victory continued
We need to be careful about demanding migrants speak English | Media | The Guardian
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U.S. Senator Mark Udall glances down at phone packet and talking point materials while waiting to be introduced at a canvass kickoff campaign on October 25, ...
Some Political Analysts See Corruption in Unrestricted Spending. Others See an Equal Playing Field.
Kwame Anthony Appiah on race, nationalism and identity politics
Michelle Alexander: “A System of Racial and Social Control”
Jamie Chung
This likely reflects both college graduates' generally higher openness to experience and probably also their greater ideological sophistication, ...
Migrants from El Salvador in McAllen Texas with a sign saying they do not speak English
'Black-ish' Political Episode Canceled Over 'Creative Differences' – Variety
How a Florida midterm exposes the fault lines in Trump's America
How America's identity politics went from inclusion to division | Society | The Guardian
Lim Zheng Jie Wo, 76, scavenges in a back lane of the financial district
December 7, 2017
An overwhelming majority (79%) say it's “morally unacceptable” to say offensive things about racial or religious groups.
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Girl voting in LA
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Barack Obama
A third (33%) think it is the responsibility of the university to remind students not to wear costumes that stereotype racial or ethnic groups at off-campus ...
A pollster claims not to expect a 'blue wave' of Democrats to win in
Americans Don't Think Colleges Need to Advise Students on Halloween Costumes
Shri Thanedar, a scientist and entrepreneur who has experienced big highs and lows in business
It follows that a solid majority (59%) of Americans think people should be allowed to express unpopular opinions in public, even those deeply offensive to ...
Majorities also agree that it would be difficult to ban hate speech since people can't agree what hate speech is (59%, 77%, 87%).
Anyone claiming that America's economy is in decline is peddling fiction. What is true — and the reason that a lot of Americans feel anxious — is that the ...
After being the 'Tiger Mom', Amy Chua turns to political tribalism
... would become the nation's first female African-American governor if elected, a milestone she has used to nationalize her campaign, and its fund-raising.
11 Tight Governor's Races Will Shape America's Political Landscape
These results aren't surprising given that most Americans believe many major news outlets have a liberal bias, including The New York Times (52%), ...
What It's Like to Be Biracial - How Mixed Black and White Women Experience Their Race
But Americans are conflicted. Despite their desire for viewpoint diversity, a slim majority (53%) also agree that “colleges have an obligation to protect ...
Current college and graduate students aren't much different; only about 7% support forcibly shutting down offensive speakers.
Conversely, Republicans are more likely than Democrats to say a business executive should be fired if they burned the American flag at a weekend political ...
The public distinguishes between a business serving people and servicing weddings:
From Our March 2018 Issue
One-dimensional stereotypes fester where journalism fails to tread.
Clinton Voters Can't Be Friends with Trump Voters
Instead, nearly two-thirds (64%) of Trump voters don't think it's hard to be friends with Clinton voters.
donald trump
Sen. Corey Booker of New Jersey in "13th". Screenshot via Netflix
Children from Al-Rahmah school and other guests react after seeing President Barack Obama during
Texas is as politically divided as the rest of the U.S., but a recurrent crop of crackpots and ideologues has fed its reputation for proud know-nothingism ...
The question that the U.S. Census Bureau is using for the 2020 dress rehearsal is part of the two-part question format tested in the 2015 National Content ...
Roseanne Barr
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'The Sympathizer': A cerebral thriller about Vietnam and its aftermath - The Washington Post
Buy the book- Brookings Big Ideas for America
Read Full Transcript of Barack Obama's South Africa Speech | Time. '
Pilgrims follow on a large display the Opening Mass, on the first day of the World Youth Days in Krakow, in July last year, where Pope Francis was to ...
September 21, 2017
Orwell described a single-party system in which a tiny core of oligarchs control all
10 Modern Presidential Speeches Every American Should Know
From Susan B. Anthony to Rosa Parks to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, there's been no shortage of women who weren't afraid to fight the good fight ...
Once a critic, McSally has embraced Trump in pursuit of his base
Elizabeth Lynch
History of Latin America - The independence of Latin America | Britannica.com
Last week, ProPublica bought dozens of rental housing ads on Facebook, but asked that they not be shown to certain categories of users, such as African ...
... there's not been a huge improvement. Financial security ...
Rich Kikulski
In Lansdale's counter-insurgency approach, soldiers were fighters but also salesmen.