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Solar Energy Illustration by Alexandra Khobotova Solar power
Fringe TV show poster #fringe Anna Torv #AnnaTorv Joshua Jackson #Australia #celebrities
Blockchain VPN Service Illustration. by Alexandra Khobotova for UX ENERGY ...
Read about the "Mistresses of Num" in Dance and Trance in Old Zimbabewe (January 26, 2010). I relate the concept of "num" to what Carlos Castenada wrote ...
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William & Mary Alumni Auction; D.C. 2014
Semalt Company
What is that symbol on top of the pyramid on the flip side of a U.S. dollar bill? Yep - it's the All-Seeing Eye! Notice the rays shooting out from it, ...
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Brooklyn Museum: To Live Forever: Art and the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt
Staring idols of the Neolithic "Eye Goddess" have been found throughout Mesopotamia. [Image - note below]. In Syria she was known as the Goddess Mari, ...
I was greeted with a great deal of shoveling out this morning - views from my front door. In order to get to work, I had to get to get to the ...
The first large storm of 2010 is upon us. It started snowing some time after I went to bed last night and there was probablyh 3 to 4 inches of snow on ...
I haven't met IM Melia but one of our number, Don McLean, has, when he covered the 2009 Montreal Open Chess Championship in September 2009.
I have to say, the Met sure does hire the most charming fund-raisers, LOL! Last year I talked to a fellow with a decided British accent and he listened with ...
I cleared the deck before 6:30. This photo is the deck (you can barely see the pitter-patter of little squirrel feet) about 40 minutes after shoveling it ...
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From the British Museum Faience wedjat eye. Egypt, Third Intermediate Period, 1069-945 BC
Onufry the Dragon
La'Metria Carlton
Taiwan Celebrates Chinese New Year with "Eye-Dotting" Ceremony
Aeroflot 2010
Taylor McCown
After 6 Rounds B Group (55 players): 3 WFM Mammadova, Gulnar Marfat q w 5.0 AZE F 2221 2600
So cool! Not sure when these were taken - perhaps last fall? The grass is green and no snow to be seen but there are leaves on the ground.
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