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They were so cute as children My OTPs and other ships t
If this isn't your OTP we can't be friends.
12. All these valid reasons for crying:
How you spend your days:
That special moment when you know your OTP is about to kiss:
Fight me / Imagine your otp
How you really feel about your OTP:
Things to never picture your otp doing unless you want to melt into a puddle of feels.
I don't know about you guys but I feel like Person A: Keefe
How a ship becomes your OTP:
Super Sappy Lines Prompt List otp
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16 signs that you're more obsessed with your top than your own life
I ship them :3 you can't stop me < < < I love prinxiety, but what about Polyamders? That's my favorite ship.
I'd be the one holding Rumple back, but I wouldn't hold
Appreciating your OTP's small acts of love:
This is so cute omg also it has come to my knowledge that both Keith and Lance's VA can sing if they don't do a duet at some point imma holler
This is cute and Ive had the last one actually happen to me - How-
Does this count as an Otp text #6
Honestly, I don't get the hate surrounding this pairing when they're actually pretty cute together, but oh well.
All those normal people out there reading this like 'huh I don't get it'. #fandom#ships#otp#my ...
OTPs We Can't Get Over: The Cutest Moments From K-Drama Couples
They're so cute together and it was my first ship in BTS. I like how loud and bothersome they are together like don't underestimate their powers.
8 of the Best 'OTPs' of ...
Yes it is ok to cry - I cried while watching his vlog because, y'know, Keith is literally my life!
I'm pretty sure lots of us ships at least one OTP right? There's surely lots of OTP in EXO but here are some of the top/most favourite ships in EXO-
IMAGEAnn and Ryuji are OTP fite me ...
Here are the ships that sometimes hurt to love:
So every year in October since 2015 (so like,,, 2) ive
>My Hero Academia Yaoi/Ship Photos <
ScreenshotMeanwhile I'm making my OTP through figurines ...
I couldn't find any fanart, so here are the actual book covers. Plus, I recently rediscovered my love for collage making, so no big loss.
ChanBaek fight a lot, but their fights never last longer than 3 days. And I know both Chanyel and Baekhyun likes to hit and bully each other ...
Ships That Pass in the Night
Ship Sinking
Hiya,I saw people posting up errordream children and I had a (dream swap
Otp text #8
My Undertale shipping chart/crap MEME by InesTheLostAngel ...
Otp texts #5
This pic is so cute! Changbin eats Felix head ...
Because Lance can be really a cute lovely dork, and even space-dad can't deny that!
Yoonseok/SOPE has been my number one for literally years. I adore the way they play off each other, and bring out each other's hidden sides.
IMAGEWho ...
I don't care, I SHIP IT ! [+Marie S]
Ok I didn't post anything since a few days but it's time to share an other piece of my Valentine's day edition and today is Percabeth !
Yes, the beautiful parent-child couple. This ship is super cute. I think they have a great bromance, friendship, or whatever you want to call them.
The Little Elixir & OTP Guidebook: Benjamin Tan Wei Hao: 9781633430112: Amazon.com: Books
•OTP ...
It's an epidemic sweeping the nation and, frankly, ruining lives.
"I'm with you till the end of the line." Steve: - Burns hydra to the ground for Bucky - Burns SHIELD to the ground for Bucky - Is rather die than kill Bucky
A to Z Bookish Survey
PTk6Qwa.jpg ...
A few of my other favourite ships are TaeKook (they are like the troublesome duo, their constant antics and playfulness reminds me of little kids) and TaeGi ...
8 Slang Terms Your Teen Uses – Do You Know What Fleek Means?
•OTP Flower Challenge•
Book of Ships
iPhone Screenshots
Which half of your OTP wears this shirt
My first m/m ship and also my gateway ship to m/m world. Love/hate relationship. Law is somewhat of a sadist and has creepy power while Kid is extremely ...
i really really like @beckyshecky's kustard ship child, oh my god they're so precious- i've been planning on drawing them for a little but my astronomy ...
Daughter of Smoke and Bone Series
•Fluffy OTP Challenge•
The following user describes the need for one Cinnamon Roll to leave (the forum) so that a new generation of cute, little shippable kids can come and keep ...
My OTP: Matthew Rhys & Keri Russel
Archie would later publish a Valentine's Day varient cover ◊ that ...
ChangLix~ my otp ship! Which ship is your otp ship?
First up, there's obviously Draco and Harry, who make up the "Drarry" ship.
Princess Fiona Shadow the Hedgehog yellow art cartoon illustration drawing
Their anger towards each other was clearly just sexual tension, and everybody knows it.
The playful couple that just melts my heart. This couple had a kdrama like relationship. See when they first met each other, they didn't really like each ...
I mean, my OTP for SnK originally is Eremika (they still my OTP but Eruri is my top OTP], all the Eruri hints is just too hard ...
Otp text 7
iPhone Screenshots
This is one of the most playful ships in Got7 that has me shipping them like crazy. The maknae line and all their playfulness and smiles. So many times have ...
The Sweetest OTP Moments From The C-Drama “A Love So Beautiful”
Cargo Ship
The Viral Words You Need To Know
Fans watch the band Blink-182 perform onstage at KROQ Weenie Roast 2016. Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for CBS Radio Inc.
Even in Civil War, where they were ostensibly on other sides, the Clintasha ship doesn't slow down. During the fight at the airport, Clint and Natasha are ...
The most obvious ship is of course Harry and Ron, duh.
iPhone Screenshots