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Yes I remember this She had a high fever LittleDick Tater has
Yes, I remember this. She had a high fever.
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It never ends.
He's too stupid to understand Macron but I'm sure they explained it to him.
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My mom kept us fed selling weed when we were kids...sure kill the single mom.That will fix the problem.
I can't get over how fucking stupid and ignorant he is. It's even more exhausting that his supporters haven't put it together if something is failing and ...
What's become America under Trump. What a waste, what a shame, so much hate, so much greed and so much corruption.
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hispanic girls united
Birthright of the Trump family
Lou Dobbs is a less than credible authority on doing things for minorities.
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Women have to do three times the work to be considered on par with a man who does significantly less and gets twice the respect and recognition.
He knows. He's counting on YOU not knowing.
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Republicans, this is how an innocent man behaves. Also, she took a polygraph, he refused.
Mueller questions to DT This Or That Questions, Presidents
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He even lies about his lies. Metaliar.
Echoes of Watergate in Trump tumult
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Well, he should know. Tantrum Donny is the expert at being a baby and evading questions.
Angela Merkel on Trump's G7 show: It's 'depressing' – POLITICO
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New gross UN campaign to brainwash children for marxist globalism: Guest post by Patch Adams In New York City, at the end of this week, President Obama is ...
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GOP Presidents
And if this is ok with you, then we are
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Wake up...who really cares about people!! The repugnants are the
When President Trump eats a taco bowl, there's a wall around it! Taco Bowls
Booker Confidential - Kavanaugh Hearing | Ethnicity, Race & Gender | Race (Human Categorization)
What Is An SJW? (My Social Justice Warrior Definition)
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We should all be completely outraged! What is it going to take to stop all
Trump falsely claims nearly 3,000 Americans in Puerto Rico 'did not die' - CNNPolitics
amen", said the choir.
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In a Fox News interview filmed at the US-Mexico border, Homeland Security Secretary
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Guess it helps to stay calm if you are innocent! Political Jobs, Political Views
He should hold a ceremony for all the people shot by straight, white, American males
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A Man threatened a foreign power on twitter in all caps because he was in a
Who wore it better?
Women empowerment
Estrellado, Sonald Trump. Read it
Faux News
Moore's base is just relieved these accusations involve girls instead of boys.
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Port Truck Drivers Are Being Exploited
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Ah yes, the 'We can't challenge this on actual grounds, so
Despite these claims the list of halal certified products is readily available on the Cadbury website. Read it
Jean Charles de Castelbajac Keith Haring print by SLAGERVINTAGE, $300.00 Keith Haring, Printed Shirts
Donald Trump Jr. 'Fixed' Colin Kaepernick's Nike Ad And It's Pretty Pathetic
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Home Minister Rajnath Singh will participate in the Event of International Yoga Day in New Delhi
Melania Trump wore a jacket with #IReallyDontCareDoU on the back of it to visit a detention center in Texas (6.21.18), which inspired a cartoon from Matt ...
Trump's Drumbeat For An Iranian Confrontation Is Deafening - How Imminent Is War?
Jane Fonda was given a lifetime achievement award at a northern Michigan film festival founded by. Read it
Ivanka Trump
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Kavanaugh won't commit to recusal from Trump, Mueller-related matters - ABC News
Don't often agree with John or Meghan politically, but these words are true.
Faux News Presidents
I Said, Yes
Make your own t-shirt yarn using the whole shirt! Check out the detailed
Kellyanne Conway Says Husband's Trump Tweets 'Disrespectful,' 'Violation of Basic Decency' in Stunning Profile | Mediaite